Who Are We

welcome to senses human bistro

Where human connection and culinary creativity are combined to offer you a unique and meaningful dining experience. Our bistro was founded with the vision of bringing people together to reconnect on a human level, share ideas, and create meaningful conversations that lead to new possibilities. We are passionate about providing an inviting and inspiring environment that fosters the development of ideas and connections, all while enjoying the delicious flavors of Italian cuisine. We believe in the power of food to bring people together, and we are committed to offering you a dining experience that stimulates all of your senses.

Come join us and discover the magic of SENSES a Human Bistro.

About the Space

Experience the Power of Human Connection and Creativity at Senses Human Bistro

Senses Human Bistro is more than just a restaurant; it is a space for human connection and creativity. Our bistro is located in the heart of the new UC San Diego Park & Market building and is designed to bring people together on a human level. We believe that art, culture, and cuisine have the power to connect people and inspire creativity and action. Our human-centered approach is based on the idea that meaningful conversations can lead to new ideas and initiatives, which is why we have created a space for artists, visionaries, and doers to come together and engage in inspiring conversations.

Similar to our sister restaurant, Bella Vista Social Club & Caffé, which has become the premier social hub for the bio-tech community on the Torrey Pines Mesa, Senses Human Bistro serves as the social hub for dreamers and doers in business, the arts, and bi-national collaborations. We invite all artists and activists to come together at our bistro and explore the power of human connection and creativity.

About Art and Live Music

Experience the Vibrant Arts and Live Music Scene at Senses Human Bistro

As part of our commitment to supporting the arts, we are proud to feature San Diego's award-winning Latin Jazz pianist, Irving Flores , on our baby grand piano daily. Catch him playing his soulful tunes every day from noon to 1 pm, setting the perfect ambiance for your lunch hour.

In addition to Irving Flores' daily performances, he also hosts a weekly series that has become the talk of the town. "Between the Notes - A Jazz Feast" is a FREE jazz series that shines a spotlight on the best artists in straight ahead and Latin jazz. Flores carefully curates the Tuesday evening concerts while our bistro serves up delicious dishes, making it the perfect night out for music lovers and foodies alike.

The atmosphere at Senses Human Bistro is buzzing during "Between the Notes" performances, as guests mingle and socialize between sets. It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in San Diego's vibrant arts and culture scene. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience. Join us every Tuesday at Senses and Park & Market for a night of stellar performers and delicious food.

Irving Flores
Pianist, Composer, Arranger and Music Producer

About Our Mural

We are proud to showcase a stunning commissioned mural by Bay Area native and UC San Diego Alumn David Burke . This iconic piece is a true centerpiece of the bistro, setting the tone for our space and inviting guests to immerse themselves in its captivating imagery.

Burke's mural is a work of art that captures the essence of our bistro's human-centered design. Its fluid, flowing lines evoke the sensation of movement and growth, while its vibrant colors represent the diversity of human experience. The mural serves as a visual reminder that Senses is more than just a place to dine, but a space for connection, inspiration, and creativity.

We invite you to come and experience Burke's masterpiece for yourself. Whether you're here for a meal, a conversation, or simply to admire the artwork, our mural is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Discover the iconic mural at Senses Human Bistro, commissioned from Bay Area native and UC San Diego Alumn David Burke. Immerse yourself in its captivating imagery and fluid, flowing lines that evoke movement and growth, while vibrant colors represent the diversity of human experience. Explore Senses' human-centered design and experience the creativity and inspiration that our mural and David Burke bring to our space.
David Burke
Muralist & Educator

Our Espresso and Coffee Bar

Savor Award-Winning Coffee at Senses Human Bistro's Italian Espresso and Coffee Bar

Come and experience our Italian-inspired espresso and coffee bar at Senses Human Bistro! We serve Mr. Espresso, a family-owned and operated company that has perfected the Italian roasting style and unique oak wood roasting process for over two generations. Our skilled baristas expertly craft delicious drinks using Mr. Espresso's award-winning coffee, which will delight any coffee lover. Mr. Espresso's exceptional quality has been recognized by culinary legends such as Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, who has featured it in her restaurant. Visit us today and savor a cup of our finely brewed coffee!

Mr. Espresso
Roaster of the Year Finalist